Mariza yoga reviews

Transformative, Intimate

TT with Mariza is not only about learning Asana and how to teach yoga, it is far beyond that  - for me it was an initiation to learning to live my yoga. Mariza is incredibly patient and compassionate which makes you feel secure and safe in challenging situations and gives you space to grow and learn at your own pace.



I think I chose this retreat mainly for the view of the mountains and just crossed my fingers that the rest would be just as amazing - and it was! Mariza is a really inspiring, down to earth, kind and funny person and a great teacher.. Every posture was explained clearly, and in a way that made sense according to the bodys anatomy, with modifications and demonstrations if needed, and she always made us feel safe and encouraged. We slowly started teaching since the first week, which was really great practice. The workshops on Friday were all amazing, fun and very helpful. Everything about this teacher training was great and I think it is a life-changing experience even when the changes integrate slowly. I am very happy and grateful I got to share it with such inspiring people.

Deeply fulfilling

After years of injury, I found my body opening up and found with it ways of opening my head as well. The philosophical side of yoga had areas I found interesting from an academic point of view initially, but the way that Mariza drew these subjects back to anatomy, to the science of breathing and the various biological systems of the brain and body, I found absolutely fascinating.

An experience I will never forget

Mariza's online YTT, gave us a sense of community and support. Although through a screen we managed to create a family, of like minded people who share a passion for yoga. Mariza's in depth and excellent way with words helped guide us through the asanas and grasp a deep understanding of the importance of safety, finding aligment within ourselves and how to portray this to our students.

But even more importantly, how to be kind to ourselves, and listen to our bodies and at the same time creating a safe space for us to be vulnerable and trust. I had initially wanted to do YTT in November but with Covid-craziness forcing us to slow down and stop, this experience gave me freedom, where I'd otherwise of felt trapped and out of control. It's an experience I'll never forget.

The scariest things in life are usually the hardest things to do, yet are the most rewarding. If you're thinking of the idea of online YTT, stop thinking and put your trust in mariza, it's an experience you won't forget.


I highly recommend this course.

I was a little skeptical about how much I would get out of a TT course via a 'video call' only format but this course has exceeded all my expectations!  Mariza teaches clearly and carefully, and effortlessly balances demonstration and practice of poses with a more structured sitting down class approach.  In the two weeks of the online course we have covered yoga poses, anatomy, the breath, yoga philosophy, teaching practice and multiple other subjects and I feel well-equipped to start teaching over the summer months despite not having had any onsite training.  Mariza delivered the entire course smiling and encouraging us along the way, and was completely unfazed by having to adapt her teaching methods to the online space. 

The online TT course allowed me to fulfil my dream of becoming a yoga teacher whilst also looking after my 2 small children at home.  For anyone who needs a more flexible course structure than the classic 3 weeks onsite intensive course this works very well! I highly recommend this course.

Space to learn, grow, reflect

Mariza is an inspiring teacher. She eloquently combines yoga philosophy and practice with scientific explorations of anatomy and physiology. I found Yoga Teacher Training to be far more fulfilling than I ever could have imagined. In learning with Mariza, I not only deepened my practice, awareness, and mindfulness but also found a deeper sense of self. Additionally, Mariza was able to magically transform this course to be conducted via Zoom. She is incredibly kind and patient and ensures everyone is learning even with this new online environment. She built a community for aspiring yoga teachers Zooming-in from across the world. I feel very grateful and excited to know that I've accomplished one of my personal goals during this challenging time. YTT provides the space to learn, grow, and reflect.

Thank you Mariza!


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